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24now is a boutique social network service for people in and around Vienna.

People use it to post texts and pictures to share with friends.

Its all ephemeral, free, without ads or tracking scripts.

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Ephemeral content stream

Each post has a default lifetime of 24 hours.

24now 24hour View

Share and discuss

Share your posts to other platforms and discuss them on 24now. Each comment refills the lifetime of a post up to 24hours.


Public or Personal posts

Decide on post level if you want to post publicly on the web or send personal (group) posts to other 24now users.

personal or public posts

Who and Why?

We wanted to create our own place on the web to post content to. We were looking for a trustworthy service. And then we figured out we develop something for us and our friends to use! Johannes & Rolf


Also good to know

We are on a mission.

Privacy & Tracking

24now is not serving ads, and we do not track our users. Your Adblock plugin is out of work on 24now.

Its not on the app store!

Responsive Web App: 24now is so cool, it runs on a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, a desktop PC, even on a phablet. All you need is a modern browser!

Share posts to other platforms

We respect the existence of other niche social web services like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter. So a post on 24now can easily be shared to those platforms as well.


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indien pixel128x128

Why we pixelate shared images

As a 24now beta tester you may have used the SHARE function on a 24hour post. When you do so and share a picture post to Facebook or Twitter we provide a pixelated version of that picture. The reason …

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