About 24now Tech & Business

Where is 24now hosted?

Currently its self hosted (appartment self hosted) in Vienna, Austria.

Which technology is used?

24now is built using Java on a JBOSS application server. The frontend is implemented using Twitter Bootstrap.

MongoDB as a database.

Is 24now using cloud infrastructure?

Not at the moment. We will guarantee to not use cloud services from Amazon, Microsoft or Google.

What happens when i press delete on a post?

We delete the content but keep the metadata to provide statistics for you

What happens if i delete my account?

We delete everything including the metadata. We dont store any backups.

Are you using any 3rd party services for tracking user behaviour, collecting statistics etc. in your web app?

No! You can check by using the Ghostery or a similar browser extension and browse to http://24now.co to check by yourself.

We dont use Google Analytics, Intercom or any other tracking services.

Our blog is hosted in Germany running on WordPress, using the WordPress Jetpack Plugin to collect some basic statistics like Pageviews and Unique users.

What happens to my data if i leave the platform?

Use the permadelete option in the user settings. We wont keep anything: no content, no metadata.

Why no apps?

The web is open. And our 24now.co web app works on most devices out there. Its a simple responsive web app. We dont want to invest our little resouces in app development for walled garden. Just add a bookmark on your phone, it does the trick! Are you an app developer and intrested in working with us? Reach out to us!

24now core features explained

How do i post on 24now?

posting screen

A post consists of text and/or a picture.

How do i create personal post?

personal post

Add -p at the beginning at the post and then continue by mentioning the 24now users you want to start the personal conversation with.

How do i delete a post or a comment?

delete comment

By pressing delete.

How do i share a post to Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp?

how to delete

By clicking the little arrow.

Why does my picture look like this when shared on Facebook or Twitter?

share to twitter

We pixelate images shared to other platforms. If your followers on Facebook or Twitter want to see the full resolution image they have to click the sharing link provided by 24now.